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Our Beloved Founders Day

A blessed gift to us the Missionary Congregation of the

Evangelizing Sisters of Mary (MCESM)

It is with gratitude that we look back at our Founders’ adventure on the earth! Friday, July 2018. Founders’ Day:

The day was animated by the Apostles of Jesus. The readings were just fitting for the day. “Jer. 3:14-17; … I will give you a shepherd who will feed you…”

The Gospel Mt. 13: 18-23. The parable of the sower!”…as our Founders celebrate in heaven; we too have to celebrate on earth. We are to celebrate the success of one another as one Family of Mazzoldi – Marengoni family.

Happy Founders’ Day. Our Beloved Founders passed on some years back. Rt. Rev. Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi 31 years since he passed on (1987) and Very Rev. Fr. John Marengoni 11 years after his passing on (2007).