Evangelizing Sisters of Mary

Reaching out to the poor and all those marginalized in all ways, by all kinds of human calamities. You can be one of US!


The Missionary Congregation of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary (MCESM) believes in serving by holding onto Christ’s holistic ministry here on earth, thus redeeming the whole person.

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new formators 2021


The need for qualified personnel in all fields of evangelization is a still a challenge to gain a new demand to approach the proclamation of the Gospel

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Since the foundation of the Congregation, we have had Six (6) Superior Generals; two Comboni Missionary Sisters and three Evangelizing sisters of Mary

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Two Comboni Missionaries founded our Congregation in 1975. They are Rt. Rev. Bishop Sixto Mazzoldi and Very Rev. Fr. John Marengoni; both of happy memories, in Moroto Catholic Diocese in the Northern Part of Uganda.

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Rev. Sr. Bibiana Joseph Dohh'o

Rev. Sr. Bibiana Joseph Dohh’o is the current Superior General of the Congregation, elected on December 2017-2023 with her assistants.

Rev. Sr. Evangelist Kahunzire (Vicaress General)
Rev. Sr. Veronica odera  (Assistant General)
Rev. Sr. Teresia Njeri (Assistant General)
Rev. Sr. Catherine Owormungu (Assistant General)