Missionary Congregation of The Evangelizing Sisters of Mary

Join us in spreading the love of Christ and transforming lives everTeaching Ministryywhere.


Global Outreach

First African women missionaries in Africa and globally,


Holistic Ministry

Demonstrating a strong missionary spirit, we offer valuable ministries like catechetical instructions and important social ministry.


Empowering the Community

Fostering a legacy of perpetual devotion, empowering the community to embrace a life dedicated to Christ.

About Us

The African Missionary Congregation of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary, being the first African women missionaries in Africa and globally, is known for its commitment to equality and missionary work. All members are granted equal rights and responsibilities within the organization, contributing significantly to communities throughout Africa.

Discover the impactful initiatives we undertake to spread the Good News and help those in need

Catechetical Instructions

Providing educational and spiritual guidance to help communities deepen their faith

Social Ministry

Reaching out to the marginalized, offering vital support, and fostering inclusivity

Teaching Ministry

Apostolates are centred on teaching people’s hearts, planting the church where it is not yet planted and bringing the church to full development where it is already implanted.

Join Our Mission

Spreading the Message of Hope and Transformation!
Embrace our mission to evangelize.

Professed Sisters
Sisters (Temporal vows)
Countries we Serve

Inspiring Stories

Witness the transformative impact of our work through these inspiring stories

Hope Restored

An impoverished community discovers new hope and a brighter future through our education and empowerment programs, which break the cycle of poverty and despair.

Healing Hearts

A member of the community overcomes trauma and finds healing and purpose with the support of our counselling and rehabilitation services, reclaiming their life.

You Can be One of US

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