Our foremost gratitude goes to God who called us to be missionaries not only of Africa but also other parts of the world as our Founders put it!

We thank Fr. Massimo who became our forerunner in the missions in Cuba, God’s spirit and Will, worked out through him. He shared our Charism to Cuban church shepherds who in haste asked our leaders to have us as God’s servants in their land, where Christ Jesus is little known and loved.

We believe strongly that our leaders are stewards of the kingdom of God, they send Srs to begin a community in the Diocese of Holiguin, then followed by the archdiocese of Santiago De Cuba and the third community is ours in the Diocese of CIego De Avila and who knows next. God is the master of the harvest.

Socializing with the Children

Our Sisters in Cuba going for apostolate.

Sr. Angeline & Sr. Everyone

Celebrating the twins birthday


  • The congregation has been made known over the country
  • To be part of life witnesses in the church of Cuba
  • The blessing of having our third community of St. Teresa of the child Jesus in the Diocese of Ciego De Avila
  • 1st community in Latin America working together with our brothers. Apostles of Jesus
  • For having learned and improved in the language of Spanish
  • Having good relationships with the local ordinary and religious men and women in the Diocese
  • Having our contract from the congregation leadership signed by the Bishop
  • For the Diocese sustaining us in retreats, holidays and monthly allowances though small
  • Participating in the group of Fr. Massimo of Italian Youths, who come annually in Habana for charity mission with the needy and less privileged
  • Celebrate Founders day in our Parishes as two congratulations with the permission of the local ordinary


  • The country system socialism that paralyzed Christianity and missionary
  • The hot and humidy weather
  • Learning new language
  • Culture of the people
  • Means of transport
  • Lack medicine and treatment though free check ups
  • Means of communication , very expensive
  • Favorable habit material for this weather
    Working with
  • Wounded society affects us
  • Lack of basic needs and queuing for everything

We are grateful...

To God for our perseverance
To Fr. Massimo and the Bishop
To the general leadership and our sisters for continues encouragement and prayers
To the people we Evangelize for their generosity and understanding
To ourselves for being available to be the First members of this community

For the Greater Glory of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen