Newly professed Sisters
Addressing the Parade
Evangelizing Sisters
Singing with the children
Sr. Jackline with some women praying before they begin the Jumuia in Italy
Sr. Pauline distributing some food to the children
Bishop Mazzoldi Pre-School
Sr. Phides with her young charges.
Children in our School in Kazo
Mbarara Arch-Diocese Uganda during the graduation ceremony.

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Bishop Mazzoldi Secondary School was founded in 2006 as a result of many years of contemplation by the Missionary Congregation of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary. The sisters’ Convent is situated next to Kware Slums and they have interacted with the needy youth long enough to know their predicaments. It is a mixed up Secondary School that aims at improving the learning standards of the youth through quality education. With quality education, the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary fulfills their Charism of Evangelization. It provides the students to search for knowledge, values and skills that will  enable them (Students) to be self-reliant, responsible, conscious of the society and prepare them for better professional skills in the future.


To challenge the youth “Cast into the deep” for knowledge, moral values, and skills.
To build a firm foundation for further education.
To prepare the youth to make positive contributions to the development of the society in which they belong.


“Cast into the deep” (Lk. 5:4) meaning; the endless search that leads to discovering their real self and meaning of their existence.

The system of Education:

The system of education followed is 8-4-4. This is the Kenyan official system and offers four years’ of Secondary Education.