Newly professed Sisters
Addressing the Parade
Evangelizing Sisters
Singing with the children
Sr. Jackline with some women praying before they begin the Jumuia in Italy
Sr. Pauline distributing some food to the children
Bishop Mazzoldi Pre-School
Sr. Phides with her young charges.
Children in our School in Kazo
Mbarara Arch-Diocese Uganda during the graduation ceremony.

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The Evangelizing Sisters of Mary is a growing Community. As an African Religious Missionary Congregation, though it has many vocations, the biggest challenge in the Congregation is that; some tribes/cultures, a girl is given out for marriage in terms of dowry. Therefore, some parents are still struggling to allow their daughters to join a Religious life. Though it is an outdated practice, we still face it though we still give education to the parents, many of them are still rooted to the past practices.

 To tthem, it is a life wasted. So, we are to make a lot of efforts in educating these parents to forego some of these cultures that are no longer in use.  We call upon the parents to accept the evangelized culture that suits the people of God according to the signs of time.

The need for qualified personnel in all fields of evangelization is a still a challenge to gain a new demand to approach the proclamation of the Gospel and new inventions in human Societies, the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary commit themselves to carry out the Mission of Christ. To go out to meet people without waiting for the people to come to them. They Evangelize in season and out of season. Moving to the areas that are neglected and with marginalized people. Identifying themselves with the sufferings as Christ did.