About Us

It is with much pleasure that I introduce to you this website which presents who we are, what we do and how we manage our strategic plans for our specific mission in the Church and in the world at large.

The purpose of this website is to help all our friends and to make ourselves known by all people of good will.

It is with great hope that this message will enable all people of God to be inspired to participate with us in the spreading of God’s Kingdom here on earth in preparation for the eschatology.

As African Missionaries, we achieve our goals by working hard to provide ourselves through:Farming to feed ourselves & others.

Preaching the good news of the Risen Lord by witnessing God’s love through our lives.
Healing mission of Jesus Christ.
Teaching in Nursery, primary, secondary schools as well as universities.
Social work – to give hope to the hopeless

The African Missionary Congregation of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary is the first African women Missionaries in Africa and in the world. This Congregation is by Nature Missionary. all its members are admitted on the same basis and with equal rights and duties.

It was founded by two Italian Comboni Missionaries namely:
Rt. Rev. Bishop Sixto Mazzoldi MccJ and the Very Rev. Fr. John Marengoni MccJ; both of happy memories, in Moroto Catholic Diocese in the Northern Part of Uganda – East African.

The Congregation soon spread from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Islands of Zanzibar the Sudan, South Africa, Cuba, USA and Italy.

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